Why is SEO Important for Your Website?

By now you probably know what SEO, Search Engine Optimization is. While search engines can and do return search results that answer our queries based on various algorithms, they are not a stand-alone tool towards understanding the content of a web page. Human touch and perspective are often required and that’s where SEO comes in. To help search engines figure out to the optimal level about what a web page is and how and who it can potentially benefit. Beyond that, here are four reasons to convince you on why SEO is important for your website.

  1. SEO Drives Visibility

As a company that’s just starting out, one of your biggest concerns would be to increase the physical visibility of your web page and your content. You want to stand out among the competition and among the sea of options and information that’s available on the Internet. Most people often think that you need the traffic to create sales and forge a relationship with their visitors and consumers. However, traffic to your web pages and content won’t happen without the visibility of your web page. It’s the stepping stone for everything else that you wish would happen subsequently for your business. A good SEO strategy can help you establish your brand somewhere in the first one or two pages of Google search results or in the image results, thus boosting your brand’s visibility.

  1. SEO Drives Quality Traffic

Promoting your work on social media can bring in traffic but the bulk of traffic is still brought in by organic results from search engines. Search engines are still the most popular ways people obtain content – with Google in the first place, and YouTube in the second. More importantly, SEO Drives Quality Traffic to your web pages. You don’t want random traffic with visitors entering and leaving your website without acting upon your desired call of action such as buying products or engaging the services you offer. SEOs help to bring in the very kind of audience you are targeting. That is why not set up an SEO strategy could mean that you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

  1. SEO Lends an Element of Trust

Carefully planning and working out a successful SEO strategy can land you on the first page of Google’s search results. An even more successful strategy can land your web page as one of the top five results for a user’s search query. Now, most users do not go beyond the first page of Google’s search results. In fact, 95% of users’ clicks happen within the first page of Google’s search results. They believe the results on the first page to be of high value to their query and also, that it’s most likely from a trustworthy source. So, planning and creating an SEO strategy to land at the first page of Google’s search results can help to boost the credibility of your website.

  1. Quality ROI

Search engines continue to be the biggest and in fact, in some cases, the sole factor that drives the most productive and efficient visitors to your web pages – visitors who will engage with your content and do what you hope they would do such as making a purchase or engaging your service. A good SEO strategy will market your web page to the very people who are looking for the likes of what your web page and brand offers. This is why investing in a good SEO strategy can help to maximize your brand’s visibility, traffic and profits. Some studies have even found that SEO can produce better ROI results than traditional marketing such as print and TV advertisements and even social media.

  1. SEO Tells You What’s Next

SEO is the best tool for understanding the visitors that you have right now. It helps you understand what sort of queries brings up your website, the clicks users perform, and their time spent on your web pages. These are useful information to help build an idea of what you can do next. It helps you understand the results of each marketing strategy, and you can understand what sort of visitors came in after each marketing strategy. You can understand what to do next to achieve the kind of visitors you want, or you can get an idea of your most successful marketing strategy to continue to attract the right kind of visitors. Good SEO practices will also involve maintaining the processing speed and the usability of your web pages. Should one of these be off for reasons that are beyond your control, you can see changes in your SEO right away, and you can fix them.

As you can see, SEO can prove to be a very successful and efficient marketing tool towards achieving everything you hope to achieve for your business – visibility, quality visitors, quality traffic, and quality sales. Hopefully, these five reasons convinced you to get started with an SEO marketing strategy for your business right away!

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